COVID-19 Travel Update

COVID-19 Travel Update

Dear Guest,

As of 6th March 2022, travellers to Ireland are not required to show proof of vaccination, proof of recovery or a negative PCR test result upon arrival. There are no post-arrival testing or quarantine requirements for travellers to Ireland.

For travel related updates through autumn / winter please see the website of the Embassy of Ireland in the country you are intending to travel from or the website of the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin.

Andrew James Carr

Dissolution of Discretionary Credit Scheme

At the beginning of the pandemic the firm offered a discretionary credit scheme as a gesture of hospitality to the minority of our guests without insurance and with non- refundable contracts for specific dates in 2020. The scheme originally allowed the uninsured to move non- refundable deposits to any date up to the end of 2020. At the end of 2020 the scheme was extended to the end of 2021. The scheme was dissolved as published on 31st December 2021.